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I want to test the memory of my video card because there are vertical lines on my screen. I have done some basic troubleshooting and it seems that the problem is in the video card. I want to validate that the issue is the video card by testing its memrory. I have find software that is used for Nvidia cards with CUDA support, but my card is the Nvidia GeForce 7600, which has no CUDA support.

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I've used the creatively-named Video Memory Stress Test app a handful of times while twiddling my video card's VRAM speeds. Unlike g80memtest, it doesn't make use of CUDA (though it can!) and should work fine for your card. Like standard Memtest, a couple of hours should be sufficient to see if it actually is your VRAM causing the problem, or something else.

If VMST doesn't find any issues, you could also try FurMark, which is an extremely intense shader processor load. It doesn't provide any feedback as to whether or not there are any rendering errors, but if your artifacts intensify or if your system crashes, then it's almost definitely a sure sign of faulty hardware.

Good luck!

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For this type of scenario, I've previously had good results with SiS Software's SANDRA product, which conducts benchmarking and diagnostic tests on all parts of your computer, including video card tests. There is a free version, but this will only give basic information.

For more product information, see:

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There is a free (of charge) tool by MSI called Kombustor. Depending on your needs it may be good enough to stress your card.

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How about the software 3DMark, developed by FutureMark ? It can test your video performance in details.

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I think, it does not help because it will do some operations on the graphic card and will test how fast my system and graphic card does the given tasks, this is what benchmarkers do. However, I am looking for a software which will do some operations on the video card and also checks whether or not card does these operations correctly, this is what memory testers do. – oki Apr 23 '10 at 13:07

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