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The new PC I just finished building has eSATA support. I use a USB stick/thumb drive all the time on my PC for stuff, is there an equivalent available anywhere for eSATA?

Please list one product per post, and provide a link to the manufacturer's product page.

Also see the USB-3 version of this question.

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  • "Questions seeking for hardware shopping recommendations are off-topic because they are often relevant only to the question author at the time the question was asked and tend to become obsolete quickly. Instead of asking what to buy, try asking how to find out what suits your needs." – nc4pk, fixer1234, DavidPostill, Kevin Panko, Raystafarian
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@jason: please don't post questions twice. i see the value in splitting this question into (e)SATA/USB3 versions, so i think both can stay open, but i'm making both questions CW and removing USB3 from this question. – quack quixote Apr 23 '10 at 22:57

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