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With multiple windows/instances of an application open and the taskbar buttons set to "Always combine, hide labels", I can Shift+right-click the taskbar button for the window group to open a menu allowing me to

  • "Cascade",
  • "Show windows stacked",
  • "Show windows side by side",
  • "Restore all windows",
  • "Minimize all windows", or
  • "Close all windows".

With the taskbar buttons set to "Combine when taskbar is full" or "Never combine", when I right-click, Shift + right-click, or Ctrl + right-click either the button or the Aero preview for a window in the group I get a menu allowing me to perform window operations on just that one window rather than each window in the group.

When I have a non-combined group of windows in the taskbar, how would I cascade, stack, etc. that group of windows?

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With windows ungrouped, you can right-click on the taskbar itself and select "show windows stacked/side by side/cascade windows". This will work with all windows currently shown. For instance, if you have two Notepads open, and an IE; you could minimize one Notepad, right-click the taskbar and click "Show Windows Side by Side" and it would set them up the same as if they were grouped.

Hope that helps!

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Not the answer I was looking for, but that's Microsoft's fault, not the respondent's. It looks like this is about as close to XP's functionality as I'm going to get. Thanks. – BACON Mar 4 '11 at 13:12

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