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I was asked to provide an image of my Ubuntu Server 9.10 with LAMP made by VMware Player for setting up a VPS. Most of the information on the internet is about Ubuntu Desktop and Windows, so I am a bit confused.

Could you explain me how I can do that?

Note: I am very beginner so kindly ask you to provide me step-by-step commands to execute in the Ubuntu Server command-line.

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get a ubuntu server disk image (this is different from the desktop version). select this as your cd rom device in vmware player, do an install. Select LAMP server in tasksel or select individual pakages post install. That's pretty much it for a basic lamp server VM

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As I understand, I need to have Ubuntu Desktop on one partition in which I can run VMware Player for installing Ubuntu Server to another partition. Is it correct? Initially I thought that the image will be created from Ubuntu Server after installing the player on it. – Andrei Apr 23 '10 at 20:38
you can run VMware player in ubuntu, or windows, or another linux distro- i'd suggest installing vmware player, and reading the docs, and generally poking around with it first. its a fairly simple gui. Once Vmware player is set up, its about identical to setting up a real system. – Journeyman Geek Apr 23 '10 at 23:55

The work may already have been done for you:

VMWare's Virtual Applicances (link goes to ubuntu+lamp search)

If you want to image an existing installation then VMWare's free Converter may help

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Thanks for your tip! However, by security considerations, I would like to make an image by myself. Plus, I can define some initial settings of my webserver. (I will not be provided a command-shell access) – Andrei Apr 23 '10 at 12:38

I found this which seems pretty nice. A Turnkey solution:

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