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I'm dealing with a decade's worth of digital photos where I want to be sure i have one and only one of every .jpg is stored in my new master picture repository.

I'm aggregating lots of backup CDs as archival hard drives - this means i can't trust the file date when checking for dupes.

I need something that's able to look into the metadata within the jpg itself.


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I wrote a python script to find and delete duplicate files once, it generated checksums to find a duplicate, and was pretty fast. Have you considered just a normal duplicate checker? If not, why not? – Phoshi Apr 23 '10 at 14:57
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You don't really want to look at the metadata either. What you want is a tool to match pictures by similarity, in case there's been any minor editing, tagging, or recompression done to them.

Some programs I know of off the top of my head, but haven't extensively tested, are DupliFinder, imgSeek, and VisiPics.

DownloadSquad showcased DupliFinder a while back, and the discussion turned up some other alternatives. DownloadSquad Post. (Oh hey, I participated in that too. Go figure.)

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