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I'm helping someone setup their iPod, but they are using Windows 7, and I know XP. I don't see the music in the directory listing on his computer that I see on the iPod.

So I'm trying to search for all music files on the E: drive. In Windows XP, this is easy. Windows 7 has changed everything. I googled this, and I found to type "music" in the Windows search bar. This results in music "Libraries." Great. There's still not a listing of the files.

I can search for *.wma, but that doesn't list all the music on the iPod. There are many types of music files, but how do I get a list of all music files just on drive E:? Again, on XP this was very easy.

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  1. Open up "Computer" on the start menu.

  2. Select your E:

  3. In the top right corner of the window, there is a search box which is now set to only search E:

You might also want to search for *.mp3. Or perhaps use iTunes to consolidate all music files into the iTunes Music folder.

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