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I've applied border, background and shadow styles etc to a text box and would like to save this so I can use it for later use. I cannot find how to do this.

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Create your text box, while the text box is selected, select the "insert" menu. click on the arrow below insert "text box" button. select "save to text box gallery". A box will come up, select your choices (i didn't change anything) and thats it.

When you want to insert your saved text box into a document, select the "insert" menu Click "Text box" Scroll down, you will find it at the very bottom.

Regards VJ

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I think, that the way to do it, is that you create a template, and copy that textbox there. Then when creating document based to that template, your textbox with all its styles is available for use.

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That seems a very clunky way of having to deal with it. Surely they must have built in a way to do this? you can save text styles for example – Chris Apr 23 '10 at 21:38

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