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I have the same error as stated on: I have also applied the fix listed there. I delete the langs.xml file. Then when I reboot notepad++.exe a new langs.xml is created from the langs.model.xml file. However, after I reboot my computer the langs.xml file is corrupted again. It is completely empty.

Does anyone know what is causing the deletion of the langs.xml file? I noticed the problem shortly after using windows 7 64 bit, and on two seperate computers.

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Have you got the latest version of notepad++? – Jonno_FTW Apr 24 '10 at 3:37
Same happens to me ever since I use notepad++ , ALWAYS, with the latest version of course. – Shiki Jun 5 '10 at 16:01

solved on win7:

In addition to nicktatham's info, langs.xml might not be empty. it might be incomplete like mine was (83 lines vs 283) WINDOWS 7 / VISTA MODIFIED INSTRUCTIONS After deleting the langs.xml, right click notepad++.exe and run as administrator. without doing this the application cannot write the langs.xml file.

thanks to

sourceforge solution no.5.

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try to copy proper lang.xml files from c:\Program Files\Notepad++ to %appdata%\notepad++ it works fine for me

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