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I am trying to install Gnocky on Fedora and as I was installing it, I got a message about dependencies. I need to install libgnokii.so.2 and libbluetooth. I tried searching for these files on the Internet but was not able to find one.

How do I install Gnocky on my Fedora 12?

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libbluetooth is in the bluez-libs package, but libgnokii.so.2 is ancient. The gnokii package in Fedora 12 provides libgnokii.so.5. Install the gnokii-devel and bluez-libs-devel packages and rebuild gnocky from source.

yum whatprovides libgnokii.so.* libbluetooth.so.*
yum whatprovides \*/libgnokii.so \*/libbluetooth.so
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