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Does anyone know of an app that could serve as an alternative to the mixer in Windows 7?

I am looking to quickly adjust the volume of various devices easily (preferably with a keystroke to open the panel perhaps?).

If anyone knows of any other tools/shortcuts, please post them here.


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Found somewhat of a solution:

  1. Search for Volume in Windows 7
  2. "Adjust System Volume" that appears in results
  3. Right click on the icon - pin to task bar
  4. Move the icon to be the first, or which ever spot youd like
  5. Windows key + (position number) will open the volume mixer from anywhere you are working in Windows 7.


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Also, try creating a short cut to C:\Windows\System32\SndVol.exe. I setup my Logitech mouse setpoint software to launch that program whenever I press one of the customized button.

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