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I've just installed a new monitor on my MacBook, and I noticed that the menu bar only appears on one screen or the other - I have to haul over to whichever screen has the menu if I'm using the other one, and it's a pretty frustrating process. Does anyone know if there's a setting or utility that lets you display the menu bar on both screens?

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I used Second Bar for a while. It works on Snow Leopard and I didn't have any problems.

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I'm seeing some issues on Mountain Lion. The windows beneath the second bar wiggles/jitters quite a bit when maximized. FYI for anyone reading this ... – DeepSpace101 Aug 17 '12 at 7:50

Well - In my experince you cannot have it on both. Although, you can mirror your screen, but it defeats the purpose of two monitors, a.k.a: extended desktop. I would just move the menu bar to your primary monitor - use your macbook as the extended desktop - it's what I did with my iMac. It sits to the left of my desk, while my main monitor is center and on a Ergotron, so I can lower my viewing plane.

You can access this settings under Settings - Display, then Drag the menu bar to the monitor you want. Good luck :)

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