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If I open up the list of running processes in the Task Manager on my Windows Vista. Then I can right-click on a process and chose "Virtualization". Not much happens after that.

What does this really do? What can I use it for?

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The Task Manager Virtualization column corresponds to UAC file and registry virtualization, a compatibility feature. Please see the following article for a high-level overview of file and registry virtualization (second bullet point in the article):


For some details on when virtualization is enabled for a process, see the following comments:



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It's virtual memory I think

Virtualisation: Enabled
L1 cache:   128 KB (It's virtual memory )
L2 cache:   512 KB
L3 cache:   3.0 MB

Utilisation 2%
Speed   0.88 GHz
Up time 0:03:14:22
Processes   73
Threads 990
Handles 27467
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No, it has nothing to do with virtual memory. Please read through the links that was posted in the accepted answer from 4 years ago. –  Scott Chamberlain Jul 22 at 23:25

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