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I have an app need to test via wifi. I just wonder if there is a way to turn my Mac Mini into a Wi-Fi Hotspot without additional tool. I try to setup airport new network name is"mymacmini'. My iPod Touch also can recognize the network "mymacmini". I set my iPod wifi as "mymacmini" But if I try to connect to Internet, Safari always reports failure and connnection with Wifi.

I hope to know if I need purchase a wireless router for MAc Mini or there are something wrong I did above?



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Yes, just turn on "Internet Sharing" in System Prefs => Sharing. – Paul R Apr 27 '10 at 15:59
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Apple => System Preferences => Sharing => Internet Sharing.

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Will this work the same way as a hotspot with account management etc? Or just open access to the network? – Chuck Burgess Aug 23 '10 at 15:42
@cdburgess: it just opens up the network - no fancy features – Paul R Sep 7 '10 at 17:52

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