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I work in an environment wherein files are exchanged over email which are then processed into databases.

In Windows, mapping a network drive and storing files directly to a folder in the network drive from Firefox/Chrome downloads is a breeze.

How to achieve the same in Ubuntu? I don't see the SFTP'ed drive/directory as options in Firefox-> Downloads setup.

Thanks in advance!

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Duplicate (same user): – Paul R Apr 27 '10 at 21:45
It happened in realtime. They moved and I posted all at the same time. Feel free to delete. Thanks... – ThinkCode Apr 28 '10 at 18:17
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Assuming you're using Gnome...

  1. Go to the Places menu, then Connect to Server...
  2. Connect how ever you'd like (SSH, Windows share, etc)
  3. In Firefox, browse to your home directory, to .gvfs (right-click on the file listing and enable Show Hidden Files if necessary)
  4. There will be a directory for the folder you just connected
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If you want to map Windows Network drives, then there is smbmount for that purpose (I think it is automatically comes with the smbclient package). If you want to map a network drive through SSH, then sshfs is for you (you have to install it separately from ssh).

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