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I have a home PC with two identical physical drives (SATA), ASUS P5Q-EM motherboard and Windows 7. HDD 1 has two partitions C: and D:, Windows is installed on C: and everthing else is on D:.

Now the task is to organize some kind of RAID to mirror all data from HDD 1 to HDD 2 (at the moment HDD 2 is empty, no partitions), so HDD 2 is a backup copy of HDD 1.

I've never had chance before to work with RAID, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Whatever you choose to do, I'd advise against using any RAID that comes from the motherboard. – Bart Silverstrim Apr 27 '10 at 21:28

RAID is not a Backup. If you want a backup try using Windows Backup.

If you want a duplicate drive in case one drive fails, then you want RAID. Firs tyou have to figure out what kind of RAID setup you want, but it sounds like you want a mirror (RAID-1).

The quick directions to setup a mirror: Open Computer management, Storage->Disk management. Right click "Disk 0" and Convert to Dynamic. Do the same for the other disk. Right click your "C:" dirve and click "Add Mirror", follow the directions. It will take a little while to fully synch, but you can use the computer while it's working.

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Did not know you could do that! +1 – Nathan Adams Apr 27 '10 at 22:05

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