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I have a specific event that recurs every so often on my Outlook Calendar...I would like Outlook (2007) to send a reminder every so often to a specific email address, reminding this person of this event. How do I do this?

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Is the recipient also using Outlook? If so, the best tool is a Task Request instead of an e-mail. You can make it recurring and also include it on your own task list. Of course, this won't work if the recipient doesn't use Outlook, declines to accept the task request or simply ignores task reminders. – Mike Fitzpatrick Apr 28 '10 at 4:51
@ Mike: no, the recipient does not use Outlook...just standard webmail...Thanks anyway! – studiohack Apr 28 '10 at 5:27

Here's an example of using a macro to trigger and email based on a task reminder, which you could use as a model

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Since I didn't want to go the macro route, I decided to use a webmail calendar and notification system, which supports email notifications.

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You could also take a look at I've had the same problem. But this works and there is a free plan.

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