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I'm in a school where all students have tablet PCs, where they use the handwriting (text recognition) function quite a bit. Recently one of the language teachers has asked if they can enter French accents using this method - it seems that one definitely can using windows 7 ultimate, but we're using Pro. I understand that if one changes the entire input language, then this should work, but it doesn't seem to. Any ideas?

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Hmm I'm not at my Windows 7 PC at the moment but can't you just change the language in Control Panel -> Regional & Language -> Keyboards & Languages -> Change Keyboards, and add French in? You'll need to change it to French after adding it.

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This changes the keyboard input language, but doesn't let me input French handwriting via the pen. – askvictor May 2 '10 at 23:33
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Appears that what I want requires win7 ultimate or enterprise :(

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Microsoft only allows language packs to be added to the Enterprise and Ultimate Editions of Windows 7.

The following guide shows how to add language packs to a Windows 7 DVD so you can install Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate in your language of choice.

TUTO: slipstream MUI language pack in installation DVD

This will require the re-installation of Windows 7, and assumes you have the installation DVD or iso.

Bonne chance.

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