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I have tried to install IIS in My local machine in windows 7. My purpose is to install the IIS & change its Seesion timeout property because I want to increase the Session time out Period. So I went to Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Programs and Features then clicked Windows features on & off.

After that clicked on Internet Information Service then Web Management Tool then IIS Management Console then pressed ok.

It installed but when I went to see in Inetpub\wwwroot I got nothing. When I went to see http://localhost result shows blank page.

I tried to search in Google but still I didn't get the answer. So please help me sort out this problem.

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Make sure you actually install IIS itself instead of just the management console. Windows Features -> IIS -> World Wide Web-services

Or use the Web Platform installer like Snake said.

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Try the Web Platform installer, this will do most of the stuff for you. You might have forgotten something.

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