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Hya friends ,

Last night my computer was working fine. But today when i came back from college and started it , it was starting fine but after sometime it's getting restarted , again and again getting restarted at different points , so i tried to boot it in safe mode but same problem.

Now after all this , i finally decided to format the drive C (it is in 80 GB) and load new OS windows XP3. After formatting (quick format) and loading xp3 sufficient files , when it was getting rebooted for copying the actual os files , it hung and a weird screen came.

I've also attached the pic of error :

My specs :

  1. P4 3.0 Ghz
  2. 2 GB RAM (2x 512 mb and 1 GB)
  3. 3 hard drives { 80 GB (5 years old around) 320 GB ( 2 years old around) 500 GB ( recently bought)
  4. 256 MB graphics card

any help is very appreciated , thanks

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Might be faulty RAM or a faulty graphics card. To check the RAM you can use memtest86+, no idea if there is similar software for the graphics card. If you have an old graphics card floating around, you could simply try to use that instead.

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In addition to checks Grumbel has mentioned I would also check the processor fan.

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it isn't heating problem i think, that wouldn't display the special chars which are appearing on screen now. – M3taSpl0it Apr 28 '10 at 14:50

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