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Does someone know how to get Apple Magic Mouse working under Ubuntu 9.10? I can upgrade to 10.04 if I need to get Magic Mouse to work.

I read this answer, but it does not say what is the solution for getting the multi touch working for ubuntu

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Please add what version of Ubuntu you're using. – Josh K Apr 28 '10 at 19:56

I do not think it is possible to use the multitouch working under Ubuntu. The multitouch is coded into Mac OS X, but not Ubuntu. You might be able to find a program to recognize the gestures though.

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As far as I'm aware the solution for multitouch in Ubuntu is called uTouch which is going to be included in Ubuntu 10.10 (aka Maverick). (There is also some information about uTouch in Ubuntu 10.10 in this blog post from Mark Shuttleworth.)

I don't know if any of this support will be backported to any other Ubuntu releases.

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I am using a magic mouse with Ubuntu 9.10 and it works in all ways. However -- I am using VM Ware and I think that is translating the gestures into a form that Ubuntu understands.

Are you using VM Ware and OS X or Ubuntu directly?

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Since you see that upgrade solves your peroblem - why not? I am familiar with compiling kernel and modules, but I would not take the burden of recompiling on every ubuntu kernel update.

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