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I like the looks of Belle Nuit Subtitler, even though the price is a bit high.

Does anyone know any other program like it that can add subtitles to a video stream while watching the stream itself?

I want this to translate DVD's, in case that matters.

I'm willing to purchase it if the program can deliver what i need but would like to see alternatives to Belle Nuit.

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There is a greate online subtitle editor here. I'm not sure if that's what you're after. I believe you can download the software and run it on a local machine too.

As for adding the subtitles to a video stream, Quicktime pro can add subtitles from a text file, without rendering, by adding a text track. You can create it with a text editor. This has the advantage that it can be turned on and off - even when the video is embedded in a web page.

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