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I tried to move the image files of my virtual pc to a new folder location but I cannot do it. The system keeps saying the file .vcm is being used by the Virual PC Host Process. The other files can be moved though.

If you have a work-around for this, please help!

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You've got Virtual PC completely turned off, correct? No running VMs anywhere on the PC at all. – Chris S Apr 27 '10 at 12:50

You have a few options if anything you're trying to move/modify is reporting it's 'in use'.

In order of ease/obviousness:

  • Reboot
  • Determine what has a file handle on it exactly and close the handle (see below*).
  • Boot into Safe-Mode
  • Boot into a live boot operating system like Ubuntu and move the file there

*To detect a file handle use a tool like Process Explorer from Sysinternals - Use Find > Find Handle or DLL (try a few search terms even file path) - If found right click on the bottom window entry for the 'handle' - Select 'Close Handle'

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