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I am reading a Microsoft word document 2007 and I keep seeing all this extra noise in the document.

For example:

  1. Instead of seeing a link to google, i will see: {HYPERLINK}
  2. Instead of seeing table of contents, i will see {TOC \0 1-2}

Any idea whats going on?

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You have field codes visible. To toggle their visibility for the whole document, press alt + F9. To just toggle one at the time, click in one and press shift + F9.

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Try this tip

Use Alt+F9 to toggle between the hypelink display and normal view. thats easiest!

Alternatively, you see this settings in "Word options" under office button on the top left corner of the word, then select "Advanced" and keep scrolling down to the area until you see "Show document content" and turn off the setting named:- "Show field codes instead of their values"

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