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Can I dual boot ubuntu with on a inspiron 1720 (it is running windows 7).

One issue is I don't have space on the c:\ drive, but other partitions have space.

Will that cause any issues?

This is just to play and learn with, and I don't want to ruin my main windows install doing this.

I don't think my laptop is powerful enough for a virtualbox install (only 2gb ram).

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I see no reason a dual boot shouldn't work. The Ubuntu people have some extensive documentation how to set this up.

Alternatively, playing with a Ubuntu system inside a VirtualBox install also seems absolutely doable to me (though I have no idea how much memory windows7 takes; I play with VirtualBox on my 500MB RAM Linux laptop). If standard Ubuntu takes too much memory try Xubuntu or Lubuntu which are essentially Ubuntu stripped down for machines with less memory.

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