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I have a few folders in my Windows folder (I'm running Windows 7) like this: C:\Windows\1C4551A64743409391E41477CD655043.TMP\WiseCustomCalla.dll

All they contain is WiseCustomCalla.dll. I've read that it is part of McAfee antivirus or whatever. The problem is: I have never ever installed any antivirus software on my machine.

What is this file and what is it doing on my machine?

I am also using Steam and PunkBuster if that helps.

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This DLL is part of the Wise Installer as far as I know. Some programs aren't particularly good about removing the temporary files they create; it's really nothing to worry about. And by the way, you should install some antivirus software; you never think you need it until you get bit :)

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From reading around about this dll, it seems a part of McAfee Config utility. So my hunch is that it is used by an installer (possibly the Steam installer) to configure your anti-virus software so it can get online (that's why you have to run the Steam installer with administrative rights).

Beware, there is also spyware out there who also installs and uses this dll (for the same purpose... to get online). So it might come from there as well.

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