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I have a laptop with a slot-load (no tray) dvd drive, and a set of smaller discs from a dvd video camera I need to load. What are my options?

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I have seen some kind of plastic extension for smaller disks you just snap on. But where one would find these, I don't know.

alt text

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1 came up from a quick search, though that particular product is out of stock there you should be able to find some somewhere. Make sure your drive's documentation says such adapters are supported. If the adapter unclips partly or fully in the drive and jams it up, you'll not get a repair under guarantee if they are not officially supported. – David Spillett Apr 30 '10 at 16:12
Amazingly, the local radio shack had one of these in stock. – Joel Coehoorn Apr 30 '10 at 18:08

The safe option is to use a different drive, either an external drive or one on another computer.

Some slot-loading drives (e.g. the Wii) can handle smaller discs, and this should be in the laptop manual.

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