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I accidentally closed an instance of Opera with multiple tabs. There was another window with a couple of tabs running.

I have closed and restarted Opera in the hope it will retrieve the windows at startup (it usually asks if I want to continue from last time).

Is there a way I can retrieve my closed window with all the tabs? I cannot see them in the history either, probably because when I switched on my PC the Internet connection was down and the pages didn't load.

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Opera periodically saves a backup of your session between restarts. If you are quick enough, you can retrieve the backup before it is overwritten. Don't open or close any more tabs in Opera until you do the following.

On Windows, have a look at "%APPDATA%\Opera\Opera\sessions\". If you are using a different installation directory or you are on a different operating system, you will have to find your profile path. Type "opera:about" into your address bar.

You should have an "" and an "" in the "sessions" folder.

Copy both files, and back them up somewhere. You can close now Opera, which will cause both files to be overwritten.

Now, return to "%APPDATA%\Opera\Opera\sessions\", rename "" to "" and "" to "".

Finally, re-open Opera.

Remember, next time, you should carefully backup your sessions using "Opera Menu > Tabs and Windows > Sessions > Save This Session..." or "Right click inside of the Bookmarks Manager > Bookmark All Open Pages".

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FWIW, I don't find that folder existing anywhere, nor that file, even using a search tool running as Admin (for that, I love Ultrasearch from Jam Software). This is in 2016, regarding this answer from 2010/2013. I'm on Opera 35.0, on Windows 10, in case this may help anyone else who goes looking for it. Consider instead the answer offered by Mike below, in 2015, for another file and location I did find. – charlie arehart Mar 9 at 17:01

I'm using Opera 35, and the Recently closed menu is under a dedicated button next to the window controls:

recently closed menu

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This option doesn't show closed tabs before restart. – SAMPro Jul 14 at 6:19

Have a look at this page:


It might be what you are looking for?

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Trash is cleared on a closed window. – Gnoupi May 1 '10 at 13:59
Thanks but this only opens the closed tabs on the same page, while you are still on the same session, not if you have restarted. I want to open a window with all the tabs that where on it, on my previous session. Are these saved in a file or are they lost forever? – Kostas May 1 '10 at 15:46

If doesn't contain your session either, try to recover as soon as possible the most recent (and biggest) in ..\Opera\Opera\sessions directory using an undelete program (e.g. Recuva).

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Don't forget that the humble "history" feature at least records the URLs that you hit recently, though not the full page state. It should persist for at least 30 days.

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Meanwhile (Opera 25.0) there is a built-in feature for retrieving a recently closed window (and it's tabs).

Opera Menu > Recently closed

(Great feature btw ^^)

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Thanks, Levit! That pointer really saved my bacon. I had opened two windows (doing some work in one, separate from the main one where I keep all my other tabs). I was shutting down, and closed that main window, then saw this other one (with just a couple tabs) still open. I was aghast that if I closed it, Opera may only reopen to THAT window (and its tabs, losing all the others). Thankfully, this feature reopened my "main" window. I don't find it in the opera menu, though, but (in 35.0) in that curious icon at the top right, left of the minimize icon. – charlie arehart Mar 9 at 16:51

I don't know if this will help anyone else, but when I could not find any files in the session folder, I did discover this one:

C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\Last Session

I opened it in Notepad++ and found all the URL's that were in the lost session. There was a lot of garbage and url duplication, but it let me recover months of research and work resources that I thought I had lost. Just search the file for "http" and copy/paste the appropriate stuff into the browser.

And look for ways to save those urls.

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