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I have a large RAR file (split up) containing an ISO on my 2nd HDD

When I extract it:

  • to the same HDD, it's OK
  • to the system/OS SSD, I get CRC errors

I've checked memory, run memtests, checked wires etc

I have no other issues; only with this one RAR file with both 7-zip and WinACE

Any ideas please?

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in trying to troubleshoot this kind of issue, i would extract to both devices (forcefully if necessary; some archivers delete the extracted file on error), then do a bitwise comparison of the extracted files. (i'd compare MD5 or SHA hashes; there are other methods that also work.) – quack quixote May 2 '10 at 20:13
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Forgot about this... after investigation, my motherboard south bridge did not support AHCI.

I changed board (and CPU etc: any excuse for new toys) and problem solved.

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