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I have a GIGABYTE w566 laptop, and I do not know how to find out what my Intell Chipset is, and my problem actually is that at boot time my computer does not detect the USB LG (super-multi) CD-DVD drive. Windows. By the way, still know to access to device, I have problem only in boot time.

What to do?

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What BIOS make and version do you have? – Synetech Sep 13 '11 at 21:58

First off is this drive USB 2.0? You need 2.0 for bootable media. Also does your BIOS give you the option of choosing a drive at boot time? I know I have a weird issue where one of my older IDE hard drives will not boot on its own, but when I hit escape during the BIOS boot I can then chose HHD1, HHD2, DVD1, DVD2. Basically any drives I have. Also check in your BIOS to see if you have the drive activated for booting. For some you have to add it in.

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My BIOS doesn't show lets me choose drives in boot sequence from those it dedicated, it simply lets me choose some generals, like: boot from USB, boot from net and so on... And my CD-DVD-USB is 2.0. So I thing that this is impossible, because my BIOS may not to boot from CD connected to USB, may be it may to boot from bootable USB, but not from CD. – Rodnower Aug 14 '10 at 17:20
@Rodnower, are you sure that there isn’t a separate option to set the specific USB/network/etc. device? Some BIOSes will let you pick the order of HD/Floppy/CD/etc. and have a separate option to specify which HD/Floppy/CD for each category. – Synetech Sep 13 '11 at 21:57
Did you install the drivers? – Griffin Mar 11 '13 at 14:51

Always set the boot order correctly. That is, if you want to boot from a USB, make sure it is supported (2.0/1.0, there is a difference).

Also, is this detection to boot from, such as system software, or what is it you are getting at here?

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