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I've got a windows home server that's just great for backups and the like, but I'd like to reduce my power consumption.

What the best way to put it on a timer, say wake up daily at 6pm and shutdown if activity is less than 3% at 1am?

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Lights Out is a good option (as already suggested).

You may also like to try a program I recently wrote. It lets you hibernate and wake-up your PC according to configurable rules. I originally wrote it because I thought the full version of Lights Out was too expensive!

You can find it here:

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Looks very nice. – Scott Weinstein Aug 29 '10 at 22:13

Lights Out can sleep and wake the computer as demand changes or on a schedule.

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I know my Bios actually allows me to turn on/off the pc at certain times. For the less then 3% that is a bit more tricky. So far the only thing in my googling that turned anything up is this program.

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Some BIOSes has that option to turn on computer at certain time. You can use some other computer to WakeOnLan.

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