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I have tried quite a few things now. Nothing seems to work. The tutorial I found are outdated. And its hard to actually find out how gnome actually loads this icon. I have a special theme. I changed the icon in the theme package. Did not work. Open for any hints.

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I achieved that using the tips mentioned in the Archlinux Wiki:

  1. Download enter image description here (filename is starthere.png)

  2. Alternatively get the artwork package using "pacman -S archlinux-artwork", this puts all artwork in the /usr/share/archlinux directory, and resize your desired logo to 24x24px.

  3. Figure out which icon set you're using (Right-click desktop -> Change Background Image -> Theme -> Customize -> Icon). For example, Crux, *GNOME, High Contrast, High Contrast Inverse, Mist, etc.

  4. Now make a backup of your current gnome icon in the correct directory. In the example below, I'm using the GNOME icons but adjust the directory structure accordingly for your icon set:

    # mv /usr/share/icons/gnome/24x24/places/start-here.png
  5. Copy starthere.png you just downloaded to the same directory renaming it start-here.png.

    # cp /path/to/starthere.png
  6. Restart your gnome-panels and the new Arch logo should be displayed:

    # pkill gnome-panel
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