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My coworker wants to create an invoice template in Excel 2007. In column 1, he wants to be able to put in a SKU like '000293954'[1], and when he hits tab, have the other columns fill in a matching description and price. There would be a bunch of different SKUs and information.

Has anybody done this type of thing with a macro before? Any advice?

(I have programming experience with Javascript, PHP, and Ruby, but have never written a macro.)

[1] The input wouldn't be typed - he'd use a wedge barcode scanner that inputs just like it was typed. Not that it matters for this question.

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Where's your list of products? In another Excel sheet? If so, the best course would be using VLOOKUP to get the information. Say you enter SKUs in A10:A20. You could get the product name in B10 like

=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(A10,ProductList!A1:G1000,2,FALSE),"Product Not Found")

I've made a lot of assumptions here. Your products are on a sheet in the same workbook named ProductList. The products on ProductList are in A1:G1000 (a named range would be better).

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Great! This does the trick. (I got a bit of help from here, too: – Nathan Long May 3 '10 at 19:54

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