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I am running Ubuntu 8.04. How can I configure my environment so that another user can log in to my machine and see my desktop and X programs (e.g. firefox) (i.e. ssh won't work for me).

Thank you.

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you want them to see your desktop (eg VNC screen sharing), or you want them to see their own desktop (eg "multiseat" or "terminal server" or "remote X session")? – quack quixote May 3 '10 at 19:58

For simple screen sharing, use vnc. (RealVNC download)

Otherwise (assuming Windows OS), for actual logging into a new session, you would configure a new account with remote desktop privileges and enable the Remote Desktop service (previously known as MS terminal services)

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he's using ubuntu, so MS terminal services/remote desktop aren't really applicable. there are X-windows equivalents, tho. – quack quixote May 3 '10 at 19:59

On the server:

System->Preferences->Remote Desktop 

tick 'Allow users to view/control your desktop', choose password etc

Then use

Applications->Internet->Remote Desktop Viewer 

on the client to connect. If on win you can use normal vncviewer, since remote desktop uses a VNC on Ubuntu.

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