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I accidentally deleted a partition which mainly served as space I put my data, labeled D: drive. The partition wasn't subsequently formatted though, following the delete incident.

Obviously the D: drive doesn't show up as it usually does when I run Windows 7. In the "Computer Management", on clicking the Disk Management I clearly see the space is now labled as unallocated.

question: How do I go about recovering my data. Perhaps what the effective data recovery software I can use to resolve this issue.


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Here is a link at lifehacker for top 5 data recovery tools

I just recently used testdisk for the first time (on ubuntu) and it worked well at finding info about my drive.

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Thanks, I'll check out TestDisk. Cheers – user36007 May 4 '10 at 3:46

So long as the deleted partition wasn't "extended FS" or whether that new one for Win 7 is, I have never found anything better than

And it's free

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I'm not completely sure this will work with the partition deleted, but Glary Undelete has worked wonders for me in the past, and it's free.

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TestDisk? It's helped me when I aborted a resize operation on an NTFS drive (really bad idea).

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