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I am looking for an application I used in 2001.

It was a curses application that displayed devices or files in hexadecimal format, and allowed searching through them and other functionality.

I can't find anything remotely like this, does anyone have an idea?

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Could this be it?

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Yes! wow, a blast from the past. It has obviously stopped development, perhaps someone could suggest a replacement tool? – Jack May 6 '10 at 10:31
If you want hard drive forensics then try the Backtrack distro. It is a live CD (you don't have to install it, runs right off the CD). Backtrack is probably the best known distrobution for hard drive and other types of forensics. Alternatively if you just need a hex viewer, there are hundreds of them availaible. Just google for one. – Daisetsu May 12 '10 at 16:49

There are many, many forensic tools out there.

There are whole distributions for this, if you can not jog your memory with the list of packages in std-knoppix, then go through some of distributions listed here (with backtrack as highly recommended one).

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