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I really don't know how to solve this on my own so I thought giving this site a chance. After upgrading to Lucid I ran into some problems. With some experimenting I came to a conclusion that if I enable subpixel smoothing on fonts the moment I start any other application not native to GTK+ (wine, openoffice, wxWidgets, ...) my X server crashes the same moment.

At first this seemed like something went wrong during installation. To cut the long story short, after 3 clean installations and whole bunch of experimenting the same thing happens all over again. Strange thing is... if I configure any other font smoothing besides subpixel, everything works like it should.

Any thoughs?

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Could you please say which graphical card and driver are you using? Have you tried an alternative one or another version?

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I am using proprietary divers for built-in nVidia 6150. It's the latest drivers suggested by Ubuntu. I have tried other proprietary driver version and the same thing happened. I though it was because I used other version than latest. – MeanEYE May 15 '10 at 11:32
Could you please follow the guide at so we can have more information? – jneves May 15 '10 at 18:58

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