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Firefox 3.5.1 installed, but thinks that I'm using IE6 - as does twitter and youtube. I've reinstalled Firefox and disabled AddOns, but it is still registering as IE6. Any ideas?

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Type "About:config" in the address bar, and check for a setting called "general.useragent.override." If it's there, delete it.

If it's not there, make sure you don't have a plugin like "useragentswitcher" or useragentbar" installed.

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This fixed it - thank you! (now if I can only remember why I set that to begin with...) – Kat May 5 '10 at 14:58

If you are at a school or work it could be the result of a proxy they are using.

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Make sure you check the useragent. Sometimes, I've seen browsers that are IE 8, but have something in their UA that says something similar to, IE6 compatible, which the server treats as higher priority than the real browser.

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There are good answers above: about:config useragent, any useragent switching plugins, and possibly a proxy.

You can try to debug this by checking your headers going out. Try LiveHeaders. Check the UserAgent in the request. If it's straight Mozilla, you have a proxy. If it's not (says IE (compatible Mozilla) or whatever, you have changed your settings.

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