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I'd like to take audio track from a video clip in FLV container and save it to something playable by portable music players. Are there any easy to use tools for that? I know how to do that using console tools (mplayer+lame/oggenc), but I'd like to get something clickable, preferably for GNOME.


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Anything you find is just going to defer to the command line tools, so unless you have a burning need for click-and-point, they'll do fine. If you do need click-and-point then it's probably easiest to throw together a GUI in Python or the like that just drives the command line tools (or pay someone else to do so).

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This is for a person who does not speak shellish. I considered making a simple script, but hoped someone did that earlier. Hence the question. – liori May 5 '10 at 9:22

You might want to look at Konverter

Konverter is a KDE MEncoder frontend for easy video conversions, scaling and cropping. Just select any common input format and select your favourite output format, codec and size (cropped or scaled). It also features videosplitting, videomerging and a preview mode. Just simple and powerful :-)

I can't tell whether it supports audio extraction, but it seems fairly complete, so it seems likely it does.

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It seems dead (last release in 2005). I'll check it later, thanks. – liori May 5 '10 at 9:29

I use Avidemux for this. It works pretty well.

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I couldn't find a way to save audio in an .OGG or .MP3 format. Also I couldn't find a way to disable video. Is it possible with avidemux? – liori May 5 '10 at 9:26
Oh, crap, sorry, I haven't been checking Superuser lately. Yes, it should be. It's in Audio->Save... – supercheetah Jun 4 '10 at 2:38

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