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I've got a feed with over 30 item per day, but all I'm really looking for is a daily (or semi-daily) digest. This way, I'll only get 1-2 items a day. The site itself doesn't offer such a feed. What's the easiest way to achieve this?

Update: I'm looking at Yahoo Pipes. Will post an update if I can get anything to work.

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The easiest? Just look at the feed once (or twice) a day instead of every time it gets updated. – Joey May 4 '10 at 22:33

Yes, Yahoo Pipes is definitely the answer to your question

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If a site doesn't provide a digest feed, then there's not much you can do other than check this feed less often. I don't know of any readers that provide this kind of feature.

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Didn't test but it's a hack off the top of my head.

Something like this + Google Groups. Have FMI send items to the group. Tell the group to send daily updates via email to some blogger site like Wordpress, blogger, or some other post-a-block-of-text-via-email site. Subscribe to resultant feed. This is basically buffering and bundling through emails.

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