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I have a HP 8530w Elitebook this Laptop got an eSATA port which I want to plug my LaCie d2 Quadra V2 1TB harddrive into. It all works well on a fresh install of Windows 7 without the Intel Chipset drivers installed.

However when I install the Intel Rapid Storage drivers or the Intel Matrix software my drive seems to "disconnect" when I use it to much. I have a lot of Virtual PC's on the drive and when I start them the disk somewhat disconnects.

What could cause this?

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I finally solved the problem after hours and hours of googling I found this forum.

So the problem is that the Write buffer isn't flushed properly, which causes the drive to disconnect in order for the device to flush on its own.

  • Right click My Computer
  • Manage
  • Disk Management
  • Right click on the Disk x in the left side of the bottom pane. No the "Healy disk.. bla bla"-part, the left of that.
  • Properties
  • Policies
  • Uncheck "Enable write caching on the device"


It should now work properly!

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