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Does anyone know if there is a plain PCI (or PCIX) USB 3 adapter? I understand the bandwidth of PCI < USB3, but it still beats the heck out of USB 2. I have some older dell 2850s that do not have the PCI E ports that most USB 3 adapters require. I'd really like to get usb3 in those servers. I searched the internet but didn't see any. The local computer store said they only had pcie adapters. Do these exist?

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Would eSATA give you the performance you need in teh older server? – Dave M Nov 19 '10 at 21:15
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I am not aware, so far, of any USB 3 implementation on PCI/PCI-X bus. The currently used NEC chip that implement USB 3.0 protocol has PCI-Express controllers built into the chip, integrated. Thus it is highly unlikely that USB3 would appear in PCI/PCI-X settings.

For the matter, would a PCI eSATA adapter help?

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