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I have a inspiron 1720 with 2gb ram, what kind of ram should I buy, I want to get 4gb.

i'm running windows 7 on it.

Do I have to buy 4gb or should there be empty slots?

Any links would be appreciated, I want to get an idea of the $ involved to see if its worth it.

I am hoping it will make it substantially faster!

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You can see all relevant info at Crucial.

Their scanner tool will show you what memory you are currently using.

Your system has two slots which can only accept up to 2GB modules. They offer a pair of 2GB module for $57 which will give you 4GB for $114.

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The Inspiron 1720 has two (2) memory slots, one is accessed from underneath the keyboard and the other from the bottom of the computer.

Since you already have 2 gigs of RAM, the configuration is mostly likely 2x1GB. In other words, both of your memory slots are most likely already filled with 1GB memory modules.

This means you'll [most likely] have to replace both 1GB memory modules (2x1GB) with 2GB memory modules (2x2GB): Dell 2GB Module for Dell Inspiron 1720 Laptops.

note: as noted in the comments, verify your memory configuration before buying new RAM.

For reference, here is the Dell Inspiron 1720 User Manual (pdf)

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... but @sososo will want to verify that they've got 2 memory modules already (2x1gb); it's possible (tho unlikely) they've got 1x2gb module. – quack quixote May 5 '10 at 20:28

I'm running 5GB in my Inspiron 1720 using both a 4GB and a 1GB module. I'll be replacing the 1GB with a 2GB to max out this system at it's limit of 6GB.

Please note that this is more of an undocumented limit above and beyond the 4GB which Dell lists, but I can attest to the fact that it works with more than 4GB!

I got the inspiration to upgrade mine here:

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That model of laptop can support 2 SODIMM memory modules of 2gb each of DDR2 667MHZ.

Taken from documentation found here.

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