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I was listening to some older mp3s today and I released that some of my songs have pops and cracks in them. I assume this means that the file has some bad blocks.

Is there software/script/etc that I can run on my entire library and find the music with these artifacts?


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Any chance these files have internal checksums (would have been generated when the file was originally created)? If so you should be able to detect any data corruption that might be causing the artifacts you're hearing.

Keep in mind that you might just be dealing with the result of a scratched CD or imperfect digital audio extraction.

You might try mp3check or mp3val.

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foobar2000 with the File Integrity Verifier plugin can check your library for broken files for all types of audio it supports.

And as Mark Johnson said, if the pops and clicks are in files that otherwise check out ok, then either your rip was bad or it's really part of the song.

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There is also Checkmate mp3 checker, which has multi-platform mpck(1) cli and Windows additionally has graphical UI. Code is hosted on GitHub

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