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As the title says, I am seeking a project planner with automatic resource levelling. It must be free for commercial use and a bonus, but not requirement, would be MS project import/export.

I like the look of Task Juggler, but it is at a stage of development hovering between v2 and v3.

Anything else? Basically, I want to play "what if games" - I will determine the tasks and their effort, and the dependencies between them and then try to figure out how many staff I need.

Since many of the tasks can be done in parallel, it is difficult to guess how many are needed. A PM tool with automatic resource levelling seems like a good way to find out.

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Take a look at Projity - (Linux, Unix, Mac or Windows) and it's free


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My apologies, Nicu, I did not realize this question had been moved here from StackOverflow. Thanks for the advice. I gave you the answer, but can't vote you up yet because I do not have enough points on this site. Sorry. – Mawg Jun 11 '10 at 15:24
now I have enough points to upvote you :-) Thanks again – Mawg Dec 27 '12 at 7:28

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