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I want to know if I can set up a raid of like 150 gb velociraptors for performance and then make it to where they automatically back up to a larger say 2tb western digital caviar black drive? let me know if this is possible and what drives I should get and what raid controller I should buy!

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say it with me, everybody: "RAID is not a backup!" – quack quixote May 6 '10 at 7:27

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I think you will want to back up the files, not the drives, so it doesn't really matter how your physical drives are arranged. Set up your backup job to copy the files off of the filesystem (which is a few levels of abstraction above the physical drive/raid arrangement) and you should be all set.

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Yes, it is possible. Some LG nas servers allow ya to automatically back up stuff off of that to an external usb drive. Well, any raid controller that supports 1 and 5 would do.

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