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What's the difference between the free OpenOffice and the non-free Oracle Open Office? The name collision is kind of confusing.

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See the Oracle Open Office FAQ:

6) What are the differences between Oracle Open Office and

At the core binary level there are no differences. Oracle Open Office is Oracle's professional distribution of and customers purchasing Oracle Open Office get:

  • Oracle warranty and indemnification
  • Ability to deploy hot fixes, patches and updates ( cannot be updated but requires a full re-installation)
  • Enterprise extensions like MS SharePoint and Alfresco connectors only available with Oracle Open Office
  • Enterprise Tools for help in migrating to Oracle Open Office—a Microsoft Office document analyzer and a tool that builds customized user installations
  • Bundled extensions which are ready to use comes with Oracle Open Office; with you have to download each extension separately
  • Committed timelines and roadmaps
  • Customization opportunities
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see also Wikipedia's and Oracle Open Office/StarOffice articles for the history of the products. – quack quixote May 6 '10 at 12:27
Sun Microsystems who were bought out by Oracle, use this as their general business model for software products. Most of there stuff is available as a free/open source version, but then you can also get the version with support and all that jazz. The support version I think is also a updated first. The go as far as to do this with their OS, Solaris. – spowers May 6 '10 at 12:34

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