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Below is my mergefield code:

{ IF { MERGEFIELD Subs_State } = "GA" "blah blah" "{ IF { MERGEFIELD CEOrgStates } = "GA" "blah blah" ""} "}

I'm pulling records from a MS Access db. My goal is to check whether a record has Subs_State field matching "GA", or the CEOrgStates has the word "GA" (some records have stuff like "|FL|CA|GA|CT|KY|" (no quotes)).

When I merged the docs, Word doesnt seem to be able to match with the wildcards: If I use and compare "*GA" (fields ending with GA), it works; however, the double wildcards "*GA*" dont seem to work at all.

Here are the things I’ve tried:

  • Have data in lowercase, then compare with lowercase
  • Have data in lowercase, convert to and then compare with uppercase
  • Do the opposite of the above 2 with uppercase data
  • Use “*GA*” and “*ga*” (no pipe)
  • Use different delimiters

Nothing seems to work with the double wildcard matching. What am I doing wrong?


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Double wildcards don't work in Word is my understanding?

Could you use an AND( (ga* , *ga) type thing??

Yep: NO DOUBLES is confirmed here:

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Your asking a questions about the subject of the question. This would better be a comment than an answer. You do answer one of your questions, but not the other. – Everett Dec 6 '12 at 6:04

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