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I just got a Lexmark x543dn and have some trouble getting my computer to recognize it as a scanner. The printer is working fine from my OS X 10.6 machine, setup was as easy as it gets. I just connected it to my network, gave it a name and added it under that name as a networked printer in OS X.

According to the Apple support website, the driver in OS X (I upgraded to the newest drivers already) should also provide scanning capabilities. However when I run the image capture app included in OS X it tells me that there are no scanners available.

Can anybody tell me what I have to do to get OS X to recognize the scanner?


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I got it working as follows on my Lexmark X543. (may not be your desired solution but should serve as a workaround at least.)

  1. Got it setup as a printer with the general network setup (and being able to print over the network) (mac-standard-install.html topic)

  2. logged onto my router and identified the printer's IP-address.

  3. web browsed to the printer's webserver: like (in my case)

  4. Click scan profile in the left hand side menu, choose the settings and scanning destination and start to scan (was using shortcut one for me so I had to press #1 on the scanner.

  5. Scanned document was saved on the desired path on my computer, (so it worked very well.)


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You might want to try the Lexmark driver. It was released on 09/29/2010. The release notes:

This package installs a TWAIN Data Source (DS) for use with TWAIN-compliant applications for Network Scanning and Image Capture module for direct-attached devices in the Mac OS X system.

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