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I've a huge mp4 video. What software is good to use to convert that file to an iPhone optimized video?

Preferably for Mac OS X and free.

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There's also iTunes. Select the video and under the Advanced menu item there is an option Convert to iPod or iPhone version.

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For easy-to-use, I'd recommend HandBrake (

For powerful, you really can't beat ffmpeg

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As parker stated, FFmpeg is the de facto standard for free video and audio conversion. If are afraid of the command line, VLC has a transcoding feature as well.

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You can also take at look at Miro or Videora. Miro uses ffmpeg if I remember correctly

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Avidemux is simple to use and free.

It has iPhone presets.

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Apple has the command line afconvert tool for simple needs. We used 'Amadeus Pro' for our last project.

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