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Sometimes I need to work on EXTREMELY large text files. 200-300 megs or more.

My favorite text editor on my MacBook Pro is TextMate. However, TM chokes on very large text files. Even ones around the 100MB mark.

Is there a text editor that can handle such files for Snow Leopard?


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The one true editor.

And this: Open big files and work fast (from

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If I ever have to handle big text files I always switch over to TextWrangler. Same under the hood engine as BBEdit, but free. As in beer.

The one thing I would improve about TextMate would be to give it a command / insert mode like VIM (odd because the thing is inspired by emacs) and give it better large file handling ability.

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TextWrangler can support up to 384MB files. – Lyndsey Ferguson Jun 7 '10 at 21:45

I've used Smultron with very large text files and it has worked well.

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BBEdit will work on really big files and intelligently swap in / out the portion you are working on.

EMACS also has paging.

Have you considered adding RAM?

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Adding a bit of RAM isn't going to help. – Josh K May 6 '10 at 21:28

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